Joint Online Symposium 2022


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Angewandte und Wissenschaftliche Kosmetik e.V. (DGK)
Deutsche Rheologische Gesellschaft e.V. (DRG)
ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Rheologie

Joint Online Symposium on Rheology

May 3-4, 2022

A joint symposium on rheology is organized as a merger of the annual meetings of the DGK, DRG and the ProcessNet Subject Division “Rheology.” The conference targets rheological phenomena in all their aspects and covers theoretical and experimental studies as well as technological applications. Following sessions are planned:

    • Rheology of structured fluids
    • Role of thermal and rheological properties in processing of complex fluids:
      Measuring, modeling & interpreting
    • Rheology for applications: From adhesives to additive manufacturing
    • Session for young researchers: Current trends in rheology

Contributions from both academia and industry are welcome in order to touch flow phenomena of a wide variety of complex fluids. In particular, young rheologists are encouraged to present their work and share their findings with the rheological community. Lectures can be presented in German or English, while slides should be prepared in English.
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